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The World needs Jesus – “ALBUM”

Ibrahim Hafashimana known by his rap name ( Kbsmith) lives in Jacksonville, FL. 2017 releasing Shadows of Death (Remix) [feat. Json] -Before i was saved i use to not care what i did, how i did it, or when i did it, My heart was just so cold and wicked and i was lost in a great shade of darkness. The day i got saved was a day i will never forget cause it was a day i was set free from the chains of hell. i use to attend church but never really got anything from it before i was saved, i just use to go because it was a family thing that we did every Sunday. But one day the youth group i attended went to an event called Winter Jam, so i was curious about it so i went and tagged along. the building was filled with thousands of people!! and many different type of Artists. but one artist out of all stood out to me, the artist name was ” Lecrae ” he played the song “Tell the world” and that song really got to me, it opened up doors in my heart that i didn’t know exists, when i got home i repented and days following i started reading the Bible everyday and night, and wouldn’t miss a day to talk to God. as the month went by God started to talk to me spiritually, at that time i didn’t know what God wanted to me do with life, I didn’t know the work he wanted me to do till that night, when i picked up a pen and started writing the lyrics that came from my heart ” JESUS YOU’RE MESSIAH, JEHOVAH, MY EVERYTHING” after that night i started talking to God through my music…


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