Hip-Hop / Music Video

“Behind Barz” – Dj BlackTear (ALBUM)

Front Cover

Song description: Behind Barz: The Arraignment was created by BlackTear (Detroit’s own BlackOut Radio CEO) in an effort to display the talent of some his industry contacts & also independent artists across the nation.



INFO: “I’m BlackTear & I’m an affiliate of Webbies’ Savage Life/SupaUnit LLC through JonezBoi, an affiliate of Global Gangsters through JoJo Capone, an affiliate of Brick Squad Monopoly through Dolla Ru, I promote for the GS Boyz & I’m the CEO of BlackOut Radio, you can call into my show every Tuesday between 10pm-11pm Eastern standard time @ 1-319-527-6196 to promote, advertise, or network on the air. Add me on Facebook @www.facebook.com/black.tear.754

Facebook : www.facebook.com/black.tear.754

Instagram: Blacktear_blackoutradioceo

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