Duval County Music

4 Duval County Artists to follow starting 2020.

Duval county has seen a rise in up coming artists in the past couple of years, but not all artists showcase the same skills and talent.

Here is a personal list of 4 talented Duval County artists to follow in 2020; their talent, passion and hard work are evident through their music and I can’t wait to hear what they cook up in 2020.

Check them out, and after listening, what do you think about these artists?

1. Kase Khlosed

“Slide” (https://youtu.be/tHw5Gk313-k)

2. YoungFolk

“Murda Kase” (https://youtu.be/sd_9jUP5Zew)

3. ISO

“No Love” (https://youtu.be/FPhoaRsRhjw)

4. Ebo G

“Feelin’ Me Yet” (https://youtu.be/VdiqZc6G0zI)

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